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Appetizing Italian Pastry and Snacks Options to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

We are asserting something special to satisfy your sweet craving in Italian style. You may have tried pastries of various flavors but not of authentic Italian recipes. Our Italian Food Online Store is here to serve you with some surprising variants of pastries & snacks that are hard to find in the local market. The assorted puff pastry, hard candies, gummies and cookies of renowned Italian bakers are available at our online store at a very affordable price. Explore this section to have a look at some of the best quality products.

For pastry lovers, we are assorting some exciting options including Classic Panettone Italian Oven Baked Cake by Il Vecchio Forno, Panettone Oven Baked Cake with Chocolate Chips by GranDucale, Panettone Oven Baked Cake filled with Pistacchio by GranDucale, Panettone Oven Baked Cake filled with Pumpkin by GranDucale, Assorted Puff Pastry Millefoglie by Vicenzi, Season's Greetings Tin with Puff Pastries by Vicenzi & Mediterraneo Tin with Puff Pastries.

Candy lovers can expect a wide range of flavors including Fruits of Forest Pectin Jellies Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Orange & Lemon Pectin Jellies Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Lyzia Liquorice creamy filled Hard Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Lavazza Coffee creamy filled Hard Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Club Menthol & Eucaliptus Hard Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Liquorice & Fruit Flavors Gummies Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Polaris Glacial Mint Hard Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Organic Fruit Spread Blu berry Jam by Rigoni di Asiago, Fruit Flavors Gummies Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Fruit, Milk, Chocolate & Coffee Filled Hard Assorted Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Red Fruit Pectin, Jellies Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari, Mint Hard Boiled Candy (Caramelle) by Sperlari and Fruits Hard Candy (Caramelle) Mix Lemon & Orange by Sperlari

In addition, to satisfy your sweet tooth, we also have some other treats such as Ladyfingers Vicenzovo Tin by Vicenzi, Christmas Ball Tin with Soft Amaretto single wrapped by Vicenzi, Kinder Joy Sweet Cream Topped with Cocoa Wafer Bites Chocolate Treat + Toy, Paste d'Amelia Cookies with Butter by Massera, Amaretto Italian Chocolate Cookies Macaroon Tin by Vicenzi & Shortbread Cookies by Vicenzi. Too much sweetness in countless flavors! All of them are just a few clicks away. Fill your shopping cart with candies, puff pastry & cookies. We have special discount offers with free delivery options for orders in bulk.