Exciting Pappardelle Pasta Variants Every Italian Cuisine Lover Must Try

Pasta is not just about trying penne and elbow macaronies. There is a lot more to explore in the vastly spread world of Italian pasta. Have you ever tried pappardelle pasta? We are not talking about your restaurant experiences but the recipe you tried from Italian design. This paper-like pasta ribbon may not have popularity in the rest of the world but consumed all over Italy e as a primary dish. Generally, Italians prefer it with meet rather than veggies. Some variants are made up of wheat and other grains whereas some variants are also infused with eggs. We recommend preparing a sauce separately including tomatoes and loaded cheese while cooking pappardelle pasta brands. Currently, we have two variants of this pasta type as mentioned below.

Now, the question is where to buy pappardelle pasta? The fresh pappardelle pasta variants available at our online store came from two renowned brands i.e. Gentile and De Cecco. If you are planning to add some meat in your pasta, we recommend using Egg Pappardelle Pasta no.101 by De Cecco. It comes with 8.8 oz packing which is suitable for hosting a small dinner party at home. For vegetarians, Pappardelle Pasta di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile is a great option. For your personal use, 1.1 lb packing of this Gentile pasta is enough.

Read our recipes carefully and note down the ingredients which are not available in your kitchen. Native Italian ingredients that you cannot find in the local market are available at our online store. We will supply all crucial ingredients to cook pappardelle pasta noodles at home in the restaurant-style. You can cook pappardelle mushroom pasta, chicken pasta and veggies pasta with this unique variant. What are you waiting for? Fill up your shopping cart right now and place the order before stock ends.