Paccheri Pasta

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Have you been craving to experience Paccheri pasta - a traditional Neapolitan pasta that looks like giant versions of macaroni pasta? Paccheri pasta is a typical form of pasta that hails from the Campania region. It gets its name from ‘Paccaria’ - that funnily enough means ‘slap’ in the Neapolitan dialect. This name is derived from the reference to Paccheri gentile pasta being large in size, thus being heavy and filling in terms of consistency.

If you are yearning for a heavy and dense meal to satiate your hunger pangs late at night or cheat meal after a week’s time, the best pasta experience to get is - by getting Paccheri Pasta Special Chef Package from Italy by De Cecco no.125 Pasta (1.1 lb)

De Cecco, Paccheri Pasta di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile (1.1 lb), Paccheri Pasta Bulk di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile (6.6 lb). De Cecco Paccheri pasta is ideal for making dishes that require stuffing and baking and is made with 100% Italian wheat that makes for a world-class pasta meal. The company making Paccheri Gentile is eminent in preserving the traditional production methods and procuring quality pasta that has every attention to detail - from selecting great quality raw materials to producing worthwhile pasta for everyone to enjoy.

The Paccheri pasta also uses only a single source of wheat to produce excellent uniform quality pasta from the Ferri Brothers Mill in Campobasso. Each piece of pasta Paccheri gentile bears the certification marks of protected geographical indication that shows that it is of the highest quality and standards. This certification also indicates the product’s authenticity.

Funnily enough - Paccheri pasta back in the early 1600s was highly appreciated for their role in protecting garlic farmers. Italian Garlic was much sought after, for its pungency and taste by Austrian and Hungarian Aristocrats, so they were smuggled within Paccheri pasta. Try true Italian Paccheri pasta today from authentically sourced eCommerce websites like ours(Italian Food Online Store), and enjoy every bite of the meal.

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