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Featuring an Authentic Selection of White & Black Truffle, Colavita, Sicilian, Partanna, Lorenzo Barbera, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Visit nearly any authentic kitchen and you won’t find merely one bottle of extra virgin olive oil; you’ll find several! Italians love their olive oils for cooking, drizzling atop salads and meals, and making their taste buds sing. We feature a wide selection of high-quality Italian olive oils that will infuse bright, vibrant flavor into your favorite Mediterranean dishes. 

Italian Food Online Store offers a wide selection of regular and extra virgin olive oils, boutique and imported olive oils, and specialty oils designed to lend genuine Italian flair to your cuisine. Our curated collection is filled with olive oils that are revered for their quality, authenticity, and taste. 

Browse our collection to find the complete stock of our Italian olive oils, including:

  • Partanna Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Barbera Olive Oil and Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Urbani Black Truffle Oil
  • Pietro Coricelli Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Tutto Calabria Calabrian Chili Oil Hot Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Carapelli 100% Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lu Tappitu Traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Niasca Portofino Light Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nazionale from Italy
  • M. Barbera Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.D.O. “Cerasuola” Uliveti di Carlo
  • Borgo de’ Medici Italian Black Truffle Selection and more!

A truly ancient ingredient, olive oil has graced the tables of Roman emperors, Venetian doges, and Umbrian counts. Olive groves are part of the fabric of the Italian landscape. The intense Mediterranean sun and climate produce the world’s most delectable olive oils just as they’ve done for centuries. Of course, you don’t have to be a count or countess to enjoy the highest-quality Italian olive oils made today. We offer a terrific selection of oils at the most competitive prices. 

Olive oil is a diverse ingredient that’s not only delicious but is also healthy. Add it to your sauce to create a marvelous Ragu alla Bolognese to spread atop ribbons of pasta. Use it to intensify the flavors of your Cacciatore or to brighten your Pasta al Pesto. The truth is, few authentic Italian dishes do not include this golden liquid that drips with the earthy flavors of Toscana, Umbria, Sicily, and Campania! Perfect for pizza, fish, salads, meats, and more, good olive oil enhances the flavors of all your favorite ingredients.

Plus, you can use Italian olive oil in dishes inspired from other areas of the globe! Use it to flavor Greek chicken, Southern-style slow-cooked greens, Spanish serrano salsa verde, and more. Olive oil is versatile and among the healthiest oils you can use to drizzle, fry, saute, and stew! Many people bake with olive oil and even add it to their favorite cocktails like bloody marys and martinis!  

As the leading online olive oil store, we carry high-quality Italian olive oil brands like Asaro, De Cecco, Partanna, Carapelli, M. Barbera, Pietro Coricelli, Cirio and more. Whether you are searching for organic, cold pressed, spicy, or Sicilian olive oils, you’ll find the best selection of quality oils at Italian Food Online Store. Browse our updated stock today to find celebrated olive oils that will add the taste of Italy to all your cuisine. We continue to bring the best products to our marketplace at the most competitive pricing.