Italian Nectar Juice

Our Italian nectar juices are not only delicious but made from 100% natural ripened fruits. For example, our Italian juice by Yoga is a popular and well-loved nectar drink in Italy. They only use high quality products! The pear nectar is a favorite among Italian children and adults alike because of how delicious it is. Our nectars can be used at picnics, or on a beach trip and more! These juices are especially delicious if served with ice on a hot summer day. Santal has made different varieties: Apricot nectar, Pear nectar juice, peach nectar etc.

What is a nectar juice?

Also known as nectar drink, nectar juice is extracted from the pulp of a fruit. When pulverizing a fruit, sometimes the juice will contain small, tiny pieces of fruit flesh. If the juice of the pulp is completely pulverized with no tangible pieces, but not strained - it is still called nectar. Some juice pulps are concentrated, with added sugar and an acid agent to keep the juice preserved.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about our juices from Italy. Be sure to check the rest of our products out online at our Italian Supermarket.