Equip your pantry with the richness of Mutti tomatoes! Double concentrated tomato puree by Mutti is a quality product to enhance the flavor of dishes like soups, fish, meat, and others. At Italian Food Online, we have the best Mutti products to add versatility to your meals.

Mutti has been in the industry for more than 150 years. Giovanni Mutti was the first in the family to practice crop rotation. The company started to develop double concentrate Mutti tomato puree in 1922. In the next five years, it expanded its reach and started operating beyond Parma. Today, Mutti is known worldwide for its famous Italian pasta sauce and various other tomato products.

Since 1899, Mutti tomatoes have been a part of the company’s culture in Parma. The summer harvest comes with Mutti’s delicious taste.

In addition to its exceptional Mutti Tomato pasta sauce taste, one more significant reason to choose the company’s product is the organic method of getting tomatoes. According to Mutti, its main ingredients are the earth, water, sun, and time. The process of growing tomatoes starts with planting which moves to farming and harvesting, and ends with production.

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