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If you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll love the Puff Pastry Tesoro by Vicenzi!

From the traditional to the modern recipes, everything by Vicenzi will tease your taste buds. The Matilde recipe book is the one from which all the delicious recipes are born. Italian Ladyfingers Vicenzovo is made as per the oldest Italian traditions. It begin by offering the sweet delicacies to the tiny town in the province of Verona. This is where it all started. At a small pastry shop, all the recipes were written in a memo book with accuracy and love of the bygone times. Even now, this memo book is kept safe by the organization. In this way, a sweet adventure began and today, the Vicenzi Italian Products are available Online as well.

The Classic Puff Pastry Sticks by Vicenzi are quite famous because of the finger licking taste. Even today, the company operates with great compassion and satisfaction. The business was run along the Italian borders in the ancient era.

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