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Organic sauces, jams, canned fruits, and lots of appetizers. Prunotto is well-known around the world for its quality Italian products made using organic ingredients and following traditional methods. Now, these fresh Prunotto products can be in your pantry. Buy Prunotto products online at Italian Food Online Store and receive fresh product line at your doorstep.

Based in Alba, Prunotto is involved in organic and sustainable farming for a long time. It means the ingredients that the Italian manufacturer uses are fresh and free from harmful pesticides. For example, organic tomato & basil pasta sauce jar by Prunotto is a sauce product made of organic tomatoes, which are converted into a delicious sauce in just 48 hours.

Through organic farming, Prunotto is depicting its passion for quality and purity in products. In addition, the company makes efforts to protect the environment by producing green energy for the production process.

At Italian Food Online Store, you can get a wide range of Prunotto products- including organic tomato & basil pasta, peach extra jam, and others. All the products at the store come directly from the company’s manufacturing facility in Italy. They are fresh products by Prunotto that come at a cost-effective price.

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