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For Italian cake lovers, Madi brings its traditional oven-baked Panettone cake to Italian Food Online Store. You can buy famous Madi Panettone cake online at the store and experience the classic Panettone taste without visiting the European country (unless you want to visit it).

Panettone has been a part of Italian cuisine culture for a long time, and Panettone Italian cake by Madi preserves the culture with its authentic taste. It’s a tasty combination of high-quality ingredients and traditional Italian Panettone recipes.

Madi is one of the few Italian Panettone makers that use traditional methods to prepare the cake using the ingredients mentioned in the years-old recipes. According to the company, it uses raw materials like raisins, butter, and citrus rinds. In addition, it uses the best durum wheat created following a 50-hour process.

You can buy fresh Panettone traditional Italian cake by Madi at Italian Food Online Store. We import the product directly from the company’s facility in Italy and supply it fresh to customers.

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