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Harvested by hand, Lorenzo N°1 by M. Barbera is a pure Italian extra virgin oil product at Italian Food Online Store. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the best olives grown in suitable conditions in Italy.

As per M. Barbera, it follows an organic approach to grow quality olives in a Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) area. Extra virgin Olive by Oil M. Barbera features a strong personality and typical fragrance, which seems similar to fresh fruit and almond.

Olives for M. Barbera organic olive oil is grown in Western Sicily’s PDO area at a medium hillside. According to M. Barbera, it harvests olives by hand to make sure they don’t ruin the quality of olives. The method of extraction starts within 12 hours from the harvest. After extraction, the oil is allowed to settle down. For filtration, it uses natural fiber filters.

Extra virgin olive oil by M. Barbera is known for its strong personality and a pleasant aroma. At Italian Food Online Store, you can buy organic extra virgin olive oil by M. Barbera in its pure form. The olive oil product is made in Italy in the company’s facility using its traditional production methods.

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