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With more than 20 years of experience in Buffalo Mozzarella, Manzo Food Sales offers a wide range of buffalo milk products. Lupara is known worldwide for its quality Lupara buffalo mozzarella, frozen smoked mozzarella, and various other products.

At Italian Food Online Store, you can order Lupara fresh mozzarella cheese, three types of frozen buffalo mozzarella, frozen buffalo double mozzarella, and frozen buffalo smoked mozzarella. All of the Lupara products at the online store are imported from the company’s Italian based facility, which ensures the quality of the products.

Manzo Food Sales, Inc. is in the business for around four decades. However, the brand started to offer its Italian artisan products like mozzarella cheese by Lupara around 20 years ago. Before supplying its products to different parts of the world, it makes sure the products are safe to use and of high quality.

At Italian Food Online Store, you get Italian mozzarella by Lupara that comes from the company’s facility in Italy. You can buy Lupara mozzarella cheese and learn about all Lupara products available at the store. We also provide serving suggestions.

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