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The history of Italian cuisine is filled with delicious dishes. The region’s prestigious culinary tradition evolved throughout the centuries, but pasta remained an iconic Italian dish. Although pasta is prepared throughout Italy, Naples’ pasta makers prepare the best pasta, thanks to the region’s climate offering the right balance between temperature and humidity.

L'Oro del Sud (Southern Gold) is a reputed name in 21st-century Italian pasta industry. The company, based in Naples, has been making different types of pasta for the last many years. They include L'Oro del Sud penne rigate pasta, L'Oro del Sud penne pasta, L'Oro del Sud Farfalle Pasta, and others.

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L'Oro del Sud makes its products in its Naples-based facility using traditional pasta recipes, which native people in Naples invented a long time ago. The company’s experienced chefs combine technology and traditional pasta recipes to make the best pasta products.

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