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Love Cotechino Modena? Levoni is here with its unmistakable tasty and spicy Levoni Italian smoked pork. Synonymous with traditions and unique flavors, Levoni reflects its authentic smoked pork taste through quality Cotechino Cotto.

The Modena product, which is pre-cooked deli meat from quality pork, is seasoned with an extensive range of ingredients and flavorings to add a spicy and sumptuous taste to it.

Now, the Italian smoked pork sausage can be enjoyed in all parts of the world. Italian Food Online Store offers quality cooked pork sausage Cotechino Cotto PGI Modena by Levoni at a cost-effective price. The product is prepared in the company’s facility in Italy under the watchful eyes of professional chefs who follow a special process to make the product.

Levoni believes in quality, and pork for sausage by Levoni is the ultimate proof. Founded in 1911, Levoni has been preparing and supplying smoked pork for many years. It uses 100%-Italian certified deli meats and traditional recipes coupled with a special process to make superior quality pork sausage products. In addition, it follows a careful approach to make sure the improvement of animal welfare.

Find your Levoni excellence at Italian Food Online Store. Buy Cotechino Cotto by Levoni and enrich your table with quality Italian smoked pork. Enjoy!