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Let’s taste the traditional bakery products of the famous Italy brand Lazzaroni - a prestigious name that makes 350 different sorts of biscuits and trading its products around the world. This company is found in 1888 by Giacinto, Piero ed Ernesto Lazzaroni.

They also offer Italian amaretti cookies sold in the standard lithograph-decorated tin boxes.

In the 18th century, Lazzaroni starts the production of “Amaretti di Saronno”. This signature item has subtle almond and irresistible fresh crunch.

At Italian Food Online Store, you can get the authentic Lazzaroni Amaretti collection, packed with a delicious range of independently wrapped amaretti.

This exotic selection of crunchy amaretti by Lazzaroni includes scrumptious soft amaretti. For chocolate lovers, we have fused a rich creamy amaretti with choco nibs and enrobed in chocolate. This sweet accumulation is made for offering with an evening espresso or as an after-supper treat.

The products by Lazzaroni at Italian Food Online Store are created with a dedication to getting the most elevated quality products with special attention to the authenticity of the ingredients; the quest and selection of the world’s best ingredients, production processes follow the traditional criteria and the culture of leaving the required and correct time to each phase of different productions ensure the quality of our products.