Let’s experience not new but something traditional. One more Italian cuisine which gives you an ultimate taste of sweet n sour altogether. It depends on you that what you prefer whether a sweet Taralli or a salty one. The choice is yours!!!

“Taralli, similar to a breadstick, pretzel, and cracker all rolled into one, yet better. A soft, no yeast mixture made with fresh olive oil by Laurier and white wine.”

Sweet Taralli is in some cases coated with sugar. Appetizing Taralli might be seasoned with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic, fennel, pepper, bean stew or simply salt. Sweet and plain Taralli are regularly dunked in wine.

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Firstly these rings or ovals shaped snacks are boiled then proceed for the baking process. Taralli takes a bit of time to make since it is a three-step process that includes rolling, boiling, and baking but the aroma that will fill your home while these are baking is worth all the effort. And when you take that first crunchy bite, you will be hooked.

Laurieri is renowned for combining the challenges with the latest technology and the Italian Food Online Store feels proud to bring these special products for their customers which are made with love and purity.