La Valle

“Let’s explore something new about the tomato and be ready to scrutinize the delicious ways to eat this juicy and sun-ripened fruit!”

The history of yummy and tasty Italian cuisine is incompleted without tomatoes. After all, from selecting the perfect variety to exploring our exotic recipes, how one can forget to learn all about the Italian tomatoes?

For more than seventy years and four generations, La Valle has been bringing genuine Italian flavors to tables throughout the whole world.

Consistently, the organization has extended its contributions to incorporate an assortment of brilliant tomato products such as La Valle Italian cherry tomatoes, Sun-dried Tomatoes and different delicacies that reflect the full abundance of the Southern Italian scene, including olive oil and vegetables.

This Juicy and sun-ripened natural fruit is grown in the special volcanic soil from Mt Vesuvius of the sun-soaked Campania locale of southern Italy, San Marzano tomatoes are the La Valle's signature product.

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