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Add quality, iodized salt from ancient Italian salt-pans to your pantry’s shelf. La Santa Maria creates a unique salt, which is extremely rich in trace-elements from seawater. The Italian salt-maker produces high-quality sea salt that comes from the salt-pans of Trapani and Marsala, regions known for their water bodies with precious elements like magnesium and iodine.

Fine sea salt by La Santa Maria is an easily soluble product that gets mixed easily. It can be used in a variety of food items to enhance their taste. La Santa Maria has been producing and supplying its sea-salt product for a long time. The company understands the composition of crystal clear water around Trapani and Marsala. It makes a unique and quality sea-salt product while ensuring the salt is rich in precious trace elements.

Those who want La Santa Maria sea salt to add variety to their food items do not need to visit La Santa Maria facility in Italy. We, at Italian Food Online Store, offer genuine sea salt products that come straight from the La Santa Maria facility in Italy.

La Santa Maria sea salt at Italian Food Online Store is a pure La Santa Maria product at a cost-effective price. Customers can order the product online to receive it at their doorstep.