La San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano Canned Tomatoes and Sauce

Experience the long tradition of authentic flavours and rich taste of La San Marzano tomatoes with Italian Food Online Store. The red gold beauty of La San Marzano Italian tomatoes can’t be compared and that’s exactly why we are so proud and satisfied to offer you products by this vendor.

Used extensively in a variety of Italian pasta, you can make whatever flavour you want with the flavourful and authentic sauce by the vendor. From Ariabiata to vodka sauce and marinara sauce - La San Marzano offers options for different pasta lovers.

At Italian Food Online Store, you will find the true recipe of Italian plum tomatoes canned in proper jars. The vendor harvests its tomatoes in Italy and is recognized for the unique taste and great nutritional value. La San Marzano or nothing - there’s no such thing like in between.

Enjoy the high contents of vitamin C, Vitamins in Group B, Vitamin A, and a lot of minerals in these plum shaped pure red tomatoes. The vendor has been in the industry since 1972, officially existing since 1983.

La San Marzano is a certified vendor of Italian Food Online Store. You can buy La San Marzano Italian tomatoes directly from our online store.