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Candy lovers! Here is a TREAT for you. Fida offers its delicious specialties in the form of La Dolce Bellezza soft fruit jellies. The company based in Asti has been producing soft candies for more than 40 years using its traditional Italian methods. The flavored candy by La Dolce Bellezza provides a unique experience of Italian traditions around sweets.

Founded in 1973, Fida in Asti produces soft fruit jellies using its traditional production techniques. The company has a team of experts, who combine their knowledge around Asti’s traditional methods with their passion for sweetness to make delicious toffees for candy lovers from all around the world.

La Dolce Bellezza flavored almonds, La Dolce Bellezza hazelnut flavored candy, and Glacia Hard Filled Mint Flavored Candy are some of the most renowned candy products by the Italian brand.

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The soft toffees by La Dolce Bellezza have an unmatchable taste that people cannot find anywhere else. Explore La Dolce Bellezza at Italian Food Online Store and order toffees to experience the authentic taste of Fida.