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Add fun to your typical mornings with outstanding coffees by Kimbo. Keeping the historic Neapolitan coffee culture alive, Kimbo offers the classic Italian espresso flavors. Coffee drinkers who wish to experience the traditional Italian espresso can order espresso ground coffee by Kimbo at Italian Food Online Store and receive the authentic coffee products of Naples at their doorstep.

The journey of Kimbo ground coffee began over 50 years ago in a small bakery in Naples. Three brothers- Elio Rubino, Francesco, and Gerardo- founded Kimbo to brew espresso. Soon, the popularity of Kimbo espresso extended beyond the boundaries of Naples and coffee lovers from different Italian regions started reaching the southern Italian city to take a sip of bold Kimbo espresso with ground coffee.

In 1963, the brothers launched Cafe do Brasil, which soon became one of the best coffee roasting brands in Europe. Three decades later, it ranked second for packaged coffee in Italy.

Today, the best ground coffee brand of Naples exports its products to different parts of the world. Those who want to enjoy espresso ground coffee by Kimbo at home can order a range of Kimbo products at Italian Food Online Store. We import Kimbo coffee from its facility in Naples and deliver it to customers in different parts of the world.

Check out exquisite blends of Kimbo at Italian Food Online Store and order them to gratify the coffee lover in you.