Italians are the undisputed masters of baking because you cannot match any cake or cookie from another cuisine with their recipes. The most interesting and advertising bakery product of Italian cuisine is their cake. However, it is not always possible that you can avail of the services of an authentic Italian cake Baker in your locality. The Itella food company is making it convenient for Italian food lovers all over the world. The Panettone cake by Ittella has a distinctive taste that you cannot compare with any local bakery.

The Italian food online store is here to provide you pumpkin spice Panettone Traditional Italian oven-baked a cake by Ittella. This moist cake of pumpkin is infused with taste buds-stimulating spices that you will never forget after testing at once. This cake is an ideal complementary confectionery with your favorite coffee or tea.

Ittella is currently serving from California and Italy including the authentic dishes of both regions. Choose their Italy section, a large number of variants will appear including traditional Italian cake by Ittella, pasta, gelato, pizza, soups, risotto and also various gluten-free products.

Right now our online store is only supplying there pumpkin spice traditional cake which is a great kick start to your day with a hot drink.