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Primo Sale is among the most distinctive Italian cheese variants that you can use for preparing various authentic dishes. This sheep milk cheese is basically originated from the islands of Sicily. This is the main reason why I Silician Italian products company has named its brand on the name of this location. Primo sale is an appetizing cheese variant of white color with dark brown dotted textures.

I Silician is presenting you three different variants of Primo Sale cheese online including truffle, chili pepper & I Siciliani Cheese with Pepper. These ingredients decide the texture of this unique cheese. If it contains chili pepper, you will get a dark reddish dotted texture in the white cheese. The company is selling these 3 variants with Tartufo, Pepato & Peperoncino names respectively.

Currently, the Italian food online store is the leading supplier of this cheese all over the world. On their online Italian food product store, there is a separate section of I Silician.

You can easily experience the delicate flavor of fresh milk in Primo Sale cheese while using in the traditional Italian dishes like Timballo Silicanio.

Italian food online store is selling this cheese in different quantities according to your requirements. Check authentic recipes of the truffle by I Siciliani from the cuisine of Italy that require Primo Sale cheese as a primary ingredient.