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Italian Canned Vegetables

Greci is here to bring Italian delicacy to your table. ProntoFresco at Italian Food Online Store has an extensive range of products whose origin belong to Italy. These are flavorful items capable of adding a little more excitement to your food.

ProntoFresco Semi-dried tomatoes are small dried tomatoes dipped in herbs and preserved in pure oil. It makes an ideal product to be used with kebabs and salads. In addition to these small tomatoes cut in quarters, there are many other ProntoFresco Italian products that can add memorable Italian flavor to a dish. They include pure, fresh artichokes, sauteed porcini mushrooms, red chilli pepper sticks, red cabbage cream, and Pronto Fresco Asparagus Puree.

At Italian Food Online Store, all the products by Greci are available to order. You can order them and receive them fresh at your doorstep. We have quality ProntoFresco products at a cost-effective price. All these products come directly from the Italian maker’s facility in Italy.

Apart from selling and supplying ProntoFresco products to the customers, we also offer information about them. When you come to order a product at Italian Food Store, you get essential information about a product and its usage. Explore the products and order the right one of them to make your food more delicious.