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Taste the top-quality smoked Italian prosciutto- dry-cured ham! Grasser brings to you cold cuts speck cured smoked prosciutto of Italy’s Alto Adige. Smoked prosciutto by Gasser is a thin-sliced whole pork flank known for its unique taste. At Italian Food Online Store, we have genuine and fresh Gasser prosciutto from Italy to order and get it delivered at the doorstep.

What makes Grasser prosciutto different from others is its unique taste. Apart from that, appearance and flavor are some other traits of dry-cured ham, making it the perfect product from Alto Adige of Italy.

The thinly sliced ham is served uncooked. However, there is more than one way to eat smoked prosciutto Gasser. You can have thin whole pork flank uncooked. Apart from that, you can add flavor to it using bean soups, different types of pasta sauces, and stews.

To taste the authentic and genuine smoked cured ham, make sure the prosciutto is a product from Alto Adige in Italy. At Italian Food Online Store, we have the product you require to gratify the prosciutto lover in you.

Italian Food Online Store offers you the best of prosciutto Italian meats by Gasser. We import Cold Cuts Speck Dry Cured Smoked Prosciutto from Italy by Gasser and deliver it fresh at your doorstep. We make use of express freight service to make sure you get the product as soon as possible. Order your product now!