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Italian Potato Gnocchi Variants from Leading Brands

Gnocchi made up of potatoes makes it different from other pasta variants available in the market. Not only the ingredients but its oval shape appearance is also very unique. This pasta variant originated in the Northern Italy regions where the cold climate is the perfect environment for growing potatoes which are the major ingredients. They seem like small dumplings made up of potatoes that we can cook in pasta style. Gnocchi of native Italian brands is difficult to find in a random local market. You need adequate knowledge to identify the original Italian brands and their quality standards. For the ease of pasta lovers, we are presenting 3 Italian food gnocchi varieties at our italian online food store. Let's explore further to check the latest entries available in our gnocchi section.

You can buy gnocchi online from three different brands from our online portal. These brands are Mariella, De Cecco and Pagani respectively. Check the 16 oz packing of Potato Gnocchi (High-Quality Selection) by Mariella, 1.1 lb Potato Gnocchi di patate by De Cecco and 1.1lb Potato Gnocchi made in Italy by Pagani. All 3 Italian pasta gnocchi variants are made in Italy passing strict quality standards while preserving the authentic Italian taste. It is one of the fastest preparing pasta options that hardly takes you 3 minutes in the kitchen.

We are offering a free shipping option for Italian potato gnocchi and other pasta variants in the USA on orders above 69 USD. Also, there are complimentary freebies like green olive cream, extra virgin olive oil, white truffle oil and croutons while ordering in bulk. Please please contact our customer support representatives regarding the complete information about discount offers and free gifts.