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Italian Gluten Free Pasta Options for Health Conscious People

If you think twice regarding health concerns before eating something, it will be beneficial in the long run. It is a bitter truth that our taste buds are addicted to only tasty food, whether it is healthy or not. Here we have a perfect solution to your health concerns in a delicious way. If you love pasta but don’t want its gluten, we have an exciting range of gluten free pasta. The Italian Food Store is currently offering the products of some leading brands. Take a look at some gluten-free products that you can order right now that too with exciting discount offers.

Have a look at the range of authentic Italian pasta variants including Risotto Parmigiana Creamy Cheese with Carnaroli Rice, Risotto Alla Milanese Saffron with Carnaroli Rice, Risotto Porcino Boletus Mushrooms with Carnaroli Rice, Rosemary Ham Prosciutto Fresco Family Pack by Citterio, Italian Ladyfingers Vicenzovo Italian Gluten Free pasta by Vicenzi, Grisbì Lemon, Cream-filled Gluten Free Cookies by Vicenzi, Grisbì Double Chocolate Cream filled Gluten Free Cookies by Vicenzi, Spaghetti with Quinoa Flour Italian Gluten Free Pasta by Granoro, Penne rigate with Quinoa Flour Italian Pasta Gluten Free by Granoro, Organic Fruit Spread, Wild Blueberry Jam by Rigoni di Asiago & Organic Fruit Spread Apricot Jam by Rigoni di Asiago.

In the range of lactic products, you can try Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa and Milk by Rigoni di Asiago, Hazelnut & Milk Double Chocolate Bar by Perugina, Dark & Hazelnut Double Chocolate Bar by Perugina, Frollini Gluten Free Cookies with Honey by Mulino Bianco, Artisanal Crunchy Chocolate Assorted bars paper box by Autore , Baci Perugina Milk - Dark - White Assorted Chocolate Pralines by Perugina, Artisanal, Crunchy Assorted Minuto bars paper box by Autore & Artisanal Crunchy Chocolate Assorted bars paper box by Autore.

Also, try some of your spicy and smoky range of variants including Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce by La San Marzano, Gluten Free Gnocchi with Corn & Rice by Divella, Scotti Rice Risotto Bundle Saffron + Mushrooms + Parmesan with Carnaroli Rice, Cold Cuts Speck Dry Cured, Smoked Prosciutto from Italy by Gasser & Classic Polenta Bramata by Roncaia.

These are some gluten free products we are currently offering for your healthy diet. From authentic Italian pasta to smoked prosciutto, you will find everything right here.