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Traditional Italian pasta, paccheri and scialatielli, are easy and delicious dishes to prepare at home. To make these authentic Italian dishes at home, you need Italian paccheri pasta and scialatielli pasta product made by an Italy-based brand. If you haven’t genuine Italian pasta products in your pantry, then order them at Italian Food Online Store.

Gerardo Di Nola Italian Pasta at Italian Food Online Store is an excellent product to order and receive at your doorstep. The pasta by the well-known brand is made using high-quality Italian raw materials. All of them are healthy ingredients and do not contain items that could ruin the authentic Italian pasta taste.

Scialatielli Pasta and Paccheri Pasta by Gerardo Di Nola are made of Italian durum wheat semolina. Founded in 1870 in Gragnano, Gerardo Di Nola belongs to the city of Pasta. The manufacturer is one of the five well-known factories that make quality Artisanal Pasta using traditional Italian recipes.

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