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Pasta from Native Italian Brands

The helical spring shaped fusilli pasta is as popular as penne and macaroni all over the world. It originated from the southern Italian regions and gradually became one of the most popular pasta in all Italian restaurants. Actually, it is made up of fresh spaghetti rolled around a thin rod. After letting it dry completely, it takes a spring-like shape that we call fusilli pasta. The pasta fusilli tricolour is very popular in Italian regions because of colours similar to the Italian national flag. The De Cacco fusilli is one of the most popular native brand names that we can rely upon. Now, the products of this native brand are available at our Italian food online store. Also, we have fusilli pasta from the Colavita brand. Scroll down to know about both of these variants in detail.

For a colourful native Italian look in your food, the pasta fusilli tricolour from Italy by De Cecco fusilli is the best option. This pasta is a good option for cooking with meat products like chicken and Tuna fish. We can also try it in the Italian style by adding negative edges like capers and olives, sun-dried tomato sauce and pepper. If you are health conscious, Gluten-Free Cut Fusilli Pasta by Colavita is a better option. The corn and rice ingredients of this pasta give it a distinctive taste. Italian pasta fusilli usually takes longer than most of the other variants. It takes around 10 to 13 minutes to get all Dante texture.

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