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What is the Best Italian Flour for Baking?

Can you imagine a perfect crust of pizza without the right ingredients? Of course, never! The basic & the most important ingredient of pizza crust is the flour.

Why 00 Flour Is The Best Flour

We have all gotten used to using store bought all purpose flour. There is nothing wrong with that. But, there is something different about Italian 00 flour. 00 flour is different because of the grind level. What Is 00 Flour? Taken from our blog post aforementioned, "Made from the highest quality winter wheat which is ground into a fine powder, there is simply no substitute to this name brand. In fact, it is not only used all over Naples, particularly in pizzerias, many authentic Italian chefs in the United States insist on utilizing Caputo flour as the golden standard." To Italians it is known as "doppio zero flour" This type of Italian flour is crucial when making fresh Italian pasta or real Italian pizza. Different from coarsely ground flour "type 2 flour", type 00 flour is more powdery. The Italian flour grading system ranges from 2, 1, 0 to 00. The protein level in the flour has nothing to do with the type but with the actual wheat - for example, durum wheat flour as opposed to red wheat flour. The difference is the elasticity. Durum wheat is less elastic which means the pizza will be less chewy. This is why 00 flour is considered amongst Italians, as the best "pizza making flour".

Even though, it is a general perception that 00 flour is the only ingredient for pizza crust formation which is completely wrong. You may have no idea that the types of Italian flour are more than you can imagine. Pizza is a signature dish that represents the entire Italian cuisine globally. If you want the perfect crust at home, adequate knowledge of all kinds of flours is essential. At our authentic online Italian food store, we carry various types of pizza flour from renowned Italian brands.

Choosing the Right Gluten Free Flour to Make Perfect Dough for Your Pizza

When you watch a recipe video or read its ingredients in an article, special flour types will be mentioned. Here, we are presenting an extensive range of high-quality flours to prepare pizza crusts at home. If you visit our online portal, Italian 00 Flour ideal for Pizza by Antimo Caputo, Italian Semolina Flour (Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata) by Antimo Caputo, Organic Italian flour "00" Soft Wheat Flour by Molino Grassi, Organic Spelt Flour, Organic Durum Wheat Semolina Italian flour for pasta by Molino Grassi, Gluten-Free Flour ideal for Pizza by Polselli & Semolina Flour by Antimo Caputo.

Moreover, we also have some varieties in the category of maize flour specially meant for preparing authentic polenta dishes. Check our Instant Yellow Maize Polenta by Roncaia, Italian Classic Polenta Bramata by Roncaia & Quick-cook Yellow Maize Polenta Veloce® by La Veronese (Molino Martini). These are the best-quality flour variants to obtain authentic flavor exactly like a restaurant in your Italian cuisine.