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Do you know tomatoes were originally dried and salted to preserve for off-season since a long time? They evolved and we started using it peeled, diced, puree and infused with various types of spices. Still, Italians preserved this technique and now selling semi-dried and sun-dried tomatoes all over the world. In Italy, dried tomatoes are available in various forms. You will surely love to try some variants as we are bright here for sale. Both sun dried and semi dried options are available here to choose from. Take a look at three different varieties available at our online store if you are looking for “semi dried tomatoes where to buy”.

Our Italian Food Online store is supplying the best sun-dried tomatoes processed by CalabriaMia, Castellino and ProntoFresco. The Sun Dried Tomatoes with Capers, Garlic, Chili & Extra Virgin Olive Oil by CalabriaMia is a perfect spicy combination for cooking native Italian recipes like spaghetti, risotto and chicken. Olive oil preservation retained the nutrition values along with natural flavours. The Italian Sun Dried Tomatoes online by Castellino are not mixed with any additional flavouring agent. It can be a great appetizer ingredient. The third variant in our Semi-dried Tomatoes in oil by ProntoFresco. They are lightly dried before packing to maintain a soft texture and sweet taste. Italian chefs recommend these variants for cooking recipes like bruschetta and pasta salad.

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