De Cecco

Preserving the traditional Italian tastes since 1886, De Cecco produces pasta, extra virgin olive oil, and various other kinds of quality Italian products. Now, get De Cecco Italian Pasta and all the company’s products at your doorstep. Order them at Italian Food Online Store and make an Italian dish at home.

With the production facility in Fara San Martino, De Cecco focuses on making various kinds of products using traditional recipes. If you wish to get the taste of traditional De Cecco Italian product, then Italian Food Online Store is your right place to make a purchase. The company makes its products using the highest-quality ingredients and without harmful chemicals. It follows the same recipes that made the company popular over a hundred years ago.

De Cecco extra virgin olive oil is the highest-quality Italian olive oil product, which is capable of enhancing the taste of any dish. The product by De Cecco is a well-balanced and pure Italian extra virgin olive oil that features a golden yellow colour with green highlights.

Apart from the highest-quality De Cecco extra virgin olive oil, you can get different types of De Cecco pasta products at Italian Food Online Store. We have partnered with the company for a long time. At the store, you get the products that come directly from the De Cecco facility. All of them are high-quality products that can help you to make an Italian dish at home.