What is a non alcoholic bitter aperitif?

A blend of extracted herb juices to give that bitter taste, yet surprisingly pleasant and refreshing. This non alcoholic, orange looking drink is a complex and citrusy accompaniment for cocktails and the like. 


Do you wish to taste a non-alcoholic bitter aperitif made of herbs? The most famous Crodino Italian product is what you need to buy at Italian Food Online Store. Crodino non-alcoholic bitter aperitif is in the market for more than five decades now. It is one of the most consumed non-alcoholic drinks of its kind. The bitter yet appetizing taste of the drink is one of the biggest reasons behind its success.

From the name to taste, everything about the drink represents Italy. Bottled since 1964, Crodino is a name taken from Crodo, a comune in Italy where the first Crodino bitter aperitif was produced. Since 1995, the non-alcoholic bitter aperitif is a part of Gruppo Campari. The product is sold all around Italy and different European countries as a healthy and non-alcoholic alternative.

Apart from its appetizing taste, the orange color of the drink is one of its appealing features. As ingredients, a variety of herbs and sugar are used to prepare this drink.

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