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Give A Treat Yourself of Biscotti, Puff Pastry, Chocolate and Other Authentic Italian Cookies

Cookies are basically originated from Persia but they attained a significant recognition after coming in the cuisine of Italians. Have you ever tried cookies made with authentic Italian recipe? Baking is a core procedure of almost every dish that belongs to Italy then how cookies remain apart. We are the online sellers of authentic Italian chocolate cookies that are baked with different ingredients. At our Italian Food Store, you can explore some surprising variants of cookies that are really appetizing.

If you are a first time visitor & can’t figure out what to choose, we recommend starting with Paste d'Amelia Cookies with Butter by Massera. For more surprising flavors, place your order for Canestrini (Icing Sugar) Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Gemme (Apricot Jam) Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Tenerezze Limone (Lemon Cream) Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Batticuore Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Cookies Bundle (Abbracci, Girotondi, Molinetti) by Mulino Bianco, Sweet & Salt Bakery Bundle (Breadsticks, Crackers, Ringo, Baiocchi), Cookies Bundle (Chicche, Pan di Stelle, Macine), Cookies Bundle (Campagnole, Pannocchie, Rigoli, Frollini), Italian biscotti cookies Ladyfingers Vicenzovo Gluten Free by Vicenzi, Grisbì Double Chocolate Cream filled Gluten Free Cookies by Vicenzi, Puff Pastry Millefoglie Assorted Pastries by Vicenzi, Chocolate Cream Filled Puff Pastry Cookies Tesoro by Vicenzi, Vanilla Cream Filled Puff Pastry Tesoro, Shortbread Biscuits Zoo Doria Animal Shaped Cookies by Doria, Shortbread Biscuits, Bucaneve (Snowdrop) Cookies by Doria, Gran Cereale Italian Chocolate Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Gran Cereale Classico Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Frollini Gluten Free Cookies with Honey by Mulino Bianco, Rigoli Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Petit Pavesi Biscuits Cookies by Pavesi & Ringo Goal Cookies with Chocolate by Paves.If you are health conscious, Gluten-Free Grisbì Lemon Cream-filled Cookies by Vicenzi are available for sale.

Also, we are selling Italian Breakfast Bundle (Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle, Pannocchie & Lavazza Coffee) for a refreshing start in the morning. Don’t forget to check discounted price while you order Italian cookies online from our portal. Waiting for your valuable feedback!