Christmas Selection

Add More Sweetness to This Christmas Festival With Some Italian Flavors

November has just arrived and we are now waiting for Christmas vacations. Every Christmas comes with the chilling cold, cozy warmth of comforters and a pure white layer of snow. We always try to do something unique from every perspective every Christmas whether it is decoration, food or hangout programs. When it comes to any festival celebration, sweets come first. Are you still buying candies, cakes and cookies from the local shop that remains unconsumed and just distributed among relatives or friends? If yes, buy your new Christmas cookies 2019, chocolates and all other sweets from the Italian Food Online Store. We are serving as a multi-brand online store of almost every food product form Italian cuisine. For Christmas selection, we have a large section of sweets that will surely stimulate your taste buds in just one bite. Scroll down to know more.

From your favorite Christmas cookies to Torrone, we are assorting everything in this section of Italian sweets. Try our Pan di Stelle Christmas Cookies 2019 by Mulino Bianco, Cantuccini Toscani Almond Biscotti by Sapori, Amarena Cherries in Syrup by Fabbri, Assortment of Puff Pastry Roma Selection by Vicenzi, Amaretti by Balocco, Ladyfingers Savoiardi by Balocco, Crispy Amaretti of Saronno by Lazzaroni, Instant Yellow Maize Polenta by Roncaia, Panettone Oven Baked Cake filled with Pistacchio by GranDucale, Cooked Pork Sausage Cotechino Cotto PGI Modena by Levoni, Classic Nougat with Hazelnut (Torrone), Pan di Stelle Cookies by Mulino Bianco, Traditional Italian Torrone (18 pieces) by Ferrara, Classic Puff Pastry Sticks Millefoglie by Vicenzi, Grisbì Lemon Cream-filled Cookies by Vicenzi, Classic Nougat with Almonds (Torrone) 250 gr. by Sperlari, Assorted "Preferiti" Cookies by Vicenzi, Pastry Cream Filled Puff Pastry Delizia by Vicenzi, Grisbì Double Chocolate Cream-filled Cookies by Vicenzi, Hazelnut Cream Filled Puff Pastry Delizia by Vicenzi, An assortment of Puff Pastry Minivoglie Selection by Vicenzi, Baci Extra Dark Chocolate for Christmas by Perugina, Italian Ladyfingers Vicenzovo Christmas Gluten-Free desserts by Vicenzi and Soft Amaretti Macaroons Cookies Selection by Vicenzi.

We are eagerly waiting for your response after using all this stuff. Please check the ongoing offer on bulk purchases. Happy Christmas!