Chopped Tomatoes by Pomo Rosa Brand

Both freshly picked and processed tomatoes have different significance in Italian dishes. Many authentic Italian recipes are incomplete without chopped sun dried tomatoes or peeled cherry tomatoes etc. There are around 10 different native species of tomatoes currently supplied by Italy in the cans and glass bottles.Mutti finely chopped tomatoes are more often in demand nowadays because of their excellent consistency while cooking. When we talk about chopping, it’s not like dicing thinly on the chopping board. They are actually mashed while maintaining the right consistency. If it is an integral part of your recipe but not available in the market, order now at an attractive price range. We are currently supplying two variants of different brands as elaborating below.

Canned tomatoes are usually peeled, sun-dried or chopped. Each of them has a different significance. You cannot replace organic chopped tomatoes with sun dried tomatoes. The first option you can opt is Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice by Poma Rosa. Buy these chopped tomatoes online for cooking savoury and tangy dishes like pasta, meats and stew. The second option is Organic Chopped Tomatoes Jar by Prunotto. They are 100% organic tomatoes preserved without concentrates, spices and sugar. The pure mutti chopped tomatoes are ideal to combine with the flavours of your choice.

Make a list of authentic Italian recipes that require chopped tinned tomatoes as a basic ingredient. We will supply 100% original and safe processed tomatoes direct to your home online. We always update new and attractive offers of discounts and freebies that you can check while checking out. Please feel free to contact us for any issue regarding delivery and quality concerns. Try our original products and don’t forget to tell us your experience.