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Do you want to experience the authentic taste of 100% organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from Italy? Italian Food Online Store has the right product for you. We have a remarkably flavorful cold-extracted oil by one of the most renowned brands in the world, Carapelli.

With an experience of more than 125 years, Carapelli is a reputed and well-known name in the world of extra virgin olive oils. The Italian brand uses traditional recipes to prepare tasty masterpieces that allow people worldwide to experience the taste of pure Italian olive oil.

Organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil by Carapelli comes with an unparalleled flavor. To offer a unique flavor and tempting appearance, the oil maker doesn’t use the filtering process. The company has some of the most experienced people in the industry to follow the right procedure to produce the highest-quality Italian olive oil for Carapelli. They understand the olive groves and know when to harvest and work with oliari and blending masters.

We, at Italian Food Online Store, believe in helping people to get the authentic and flavorsome taste of unfiltered olive oil by Carapelli. Our Carapelli oil products are imported directly from the company’s facility in Italy and stored in the right conditions. We deliver the highest-quality products at the customer’s doorstep to ensure they could experience the authentic flavors of Italian olive oil.

Get Carapelli organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from Italian Food Online Store and fill your modern lifestyle with authentic tastes of Italy.