Bucatini pasta noodles by premium Pastificio Gentile brand

Spaghetti is one of the premium pasta variants that you can find in almost every renowned Italian restaurant. Even most of you have tried spaghetti at home by following online recipes. These pasta noodles require utmost perfection while boiling and mixing with the sauce. Also, the consistency of real bucatini pasta depends on its brand quality. If you are buying fresh bucatini pasta, it is important to check the brand name in priority. Gentile is a native Italian pasta brand name known for its premium quality products. The brand holds utmost perfection in pasta formation with their 200+ years old experience. This brand selects the best drum beat varieties of Italy to attain the best in class consistency. Let's elaborate on this native Italian spaghetti below in detail.

Currently, we have just one variant in Bucatini that is Bucatini Pasta di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile. These long narrow tubes are not only popular in Italy but also so have a huge fan base in Rome. Spaghetti tastes best if you are going to prepare a rich buttery sauce. For utmost quality maintenance, all gentile pasta products are made with bronze dies. This metal gives a homemade quality to prevent a greasy and smooth texture while cooking.

Not just Italian Bucatini pasta but we are also supplying other native pasta variants including the most popular rigatoni, angel hair pasta, fusilli and tortellini pasta. Next time when someone asks where to buy Bucatini pasta, tell them about our Italian food online store. We only deal in hundred percent native Italian food products whether they belong to the category of bakery, gluten-free, pastry, italian snacks, pasta or anything else. Check out the attractive freebie offers on bulk orders and free delivery options. Happy shopping!