Finest Brown Rice Variants by Curtiriso Italian Brand for Sale

Some authentic Italian recipes require special red-brown and black-brown rice that is hard to find in the departmental stores. Along with the distinctive aroma and taste, these rice variants are also known for their nutrients. Health-conscious people mostly prefer brown rice over white. Although brown rice is available there are many quality concerns. You may not get the expected consistency in their color and length. Only the natively grown organic rice varieties of Italy can serve this purpose. Now, the question is, how to find healthy brown rice grown in Italian fields organically? The answer is available at our Italian food online store. We are the suppliers of Italian food products globally. Currently, we are selling different varieties of Curtiriso brand that you can check in the descriptions below.

For preparing the best brown risotto, Black Brown Rice | Vacuum Pack (500 grams) by Curtiriso is a great option. Not only risotto but this long-grain brown rice variant is also so perfect with veggies, meat and cheese. This dark Italian brown rice variety absorbs more water quantity as compared to the white rice. Consequently, we get a rich creamy texture in the end. For the lighter texture consistency in your Italian dish, choose Red Brown Rice | Vacuum Pack (500 grams) by Curtiriso. As the name is illustrating, this rice variant is available in a reddish-brown colour. Expected colour, both of these varieties share the same properties. Unlike carnaroli or brown arborio rice, this is a long whole-grain brown rice.

Apart from organic brown rice, we are supplying all other varieties of native Italian rice. Check the rice ingredient mentioned in your recipe and search it at our online store. You will definitely get the best quality option from native Italian brands. In case of any confusion regarding the selection of products in the different sections, feel free to contact our customer support representatives. We will also guide you with the best possible offers according to your order size.