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Try American Barbecue Made With 100% Italian Tomatoes

A barbecue meat dish or side dish without its sauce is like a cake without its cream. Only its sauce can reveal the true flavours after burning at the right consistency of flame. The barbecue cooking style in Italy originated from Mediterranean cooking traditions in summer style. It is one of the oldest cooking styles and still in trend among many renowned restaurants globally. You can also bring the same flavour and consistency in your cooking with a BBQ Sauce made with 100% Italian Tomatoes.

The Italian Food Online Store is selling barbecue sauce online 100% Italian Tomatoes (300 grams) by Così Com'è. This Italian bbq sauce is an ideal product for cooking meat dishes and side dishes with the best flavours. Good news for health-conscious people, it is gluten-free and packed without preservatives. The secret behind its awesome flavour is ingredients like double concentrated tomato paste, artificial smoke flavour and natural flavour. glucose syrup, fructose salt, garlic modified corn starch, apple juice, molasses, water, sugar and wine vinegar.

We recommend preserving these bbq sauce jars in a cool, dry place. After opening, keep in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible. Our Italian Food Online Store assorts some of the best tastes from Italy direct to your doorsteps. Apart from this italian barbecue sauce, we also have a wide range of other native Italian spices to complement your taste buds. Our website has almost everything that can turn your normal kitchen into Italian style cuisine. Please call or chat with us for suggestions regarding the selection. Also, give your valuable feedback on this sauce so that we can enhance our spicy barbecue sauce section with some new flavours.