Arborio Rice

Premium Arborio Rice by Riso Toro Italian Brand for Sale

Short rice varieties are not so popular as long grains until they are not Italian. In Italian cuisine, every ingredient has a special place. Arborio rice has among the shortest grains but an integral ingredient of risotto recipes. Without arborio rice, you cannot cook the best Italian risotto. If you are living out of Italy and want to prepare a recipe of risotto we can help by providing arborio rice online. The Italian food online store is a leading supplier of authentic Italian products throughout the world. We believe in complementing our clients with 100% original food products directly from the native brands of Italy. For your risotto recipe, we have a variant of arborio rice that you need to check out.

Whether it is a sweet or savoury recipe of risotto, buy arborio rice online (Riso Arborio) by Toro is suitable for everywhere. We are supplying arborio rice in 2.2 lb packing suitable for individuals as well as hosting guests. Riso Toro has a long history dated back to World war 1 since they started supplying white arborio rice under this brand. The organic arborio rice variant we are selling easily cooks in 14 to 16 minutes.

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