Antimo Caputo

Here, at Italian Food Online Store, we offer genuine and high-quality flour products by Italy’s one of the leading brands, Antimo Caputo. Based in Naples, the brand is famous worldwide for its Caputo's fine foods, ideal for making authentic pizza dough. Although it uses the latest technology and techniques to make Caputo 00 pizza flour, the company is dedicated to preserving the authentic tastes of Naples.

Flour products by Antimo Caputo are created keeping Italy’s food traditions in mind. These are chemical-free and additive-free flour items that are pure and beneficial for health. The traditional Neapolitan flour products can be used to make a variety of food items, including pizza, pasta, and bread.

Italian Food Online Store offers and delivers all types of Antimo Caputo flour products in their original form and quality. They include Italian semolina flour and Italian 00 Chef's flour. All these products at our online store are imported from the company’s headquarters in Italy.

We are proud to present our customers with Antimo Caputo flour products. At Italian Food Online Store, you get them in the highest quality and at a cost-effective price. We preserve them in the best way and deliver at your doorstep. Check out the products and pick the right one to prepare a traditional Italian dish at home.