Angel Hair Pasta

Amazingly unique Angel Hair Nests Pasta from De Cecco

How many pasta types have you tried yet? Usually, the answer will be 3 or 4 that includes macaroni, penny, spaghetti and lasagne. Actually, there are more than 20 pasta types available in the market and most of them are unknown to us. Only a few people among you have tried Angel hair pasta. Unlike other pasta variants, it is made up of thinly processed noodles in the shape of a nest. These hair-like noodles are different from the traditional spaghetti pasta. It basically originated from the central regions of Italy like Naples and Genoa. The cooking recipe of Angel hair noodles Nest is also different from conventional pasta-making processes. If you want to try this unique variant in your kitchen, Italian food online store can help in delivering. We are the suppliers of 100% Italian native food products throughout the world at a very affordable price range. Check our recently added De Cecco angel hair pasta.

It is recognised as Angel hair pasta because of the thinly processed fine consistency of noodles that looks like hair. The Angel Hair Nests Pasta from Italy by De Cecco can be consumed with ingredients like white sauce, uncooked butter, eggs and cheese. It is so soft and thin that we can also feed a 9 months old kid. It means this pastor variant is suitable for every age group ranging from small kids to elders. Just because of its thin consistency, we can cook Angel hair pasta dishes within just 2 or 3 minutes.

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