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Buy original Agostino Recca products at Italian Food Online Store to brighten up your table with quality products, including salt packed anchovies, Agostino Recca anchovies in olive oil, and others. The online store offers and delivers an extensive range of high-quality products imported all the way from Sciacca, Italy.

Located in the gorgeous province of Agrigento, Agostino Recca has been serving authentic fish products for a long time to customers worldwide who require them. Four generations of Recca family has been associated with the craftmade production of fish in the region. Now, people from all across the world are enjoying the traditional taste of Agostino Recca products. Apart from local, foreign markets are offering high-quality and the most reliable Agostino Recca anchovies to consumers who want to experience the authentic taste of Italian anchovies.

Recca family uses its traditional and craftmade-processing methods to produce the best Italian anchovies. It ensures that people get a product with a high level of quality and unchanged freshness.

You don’t need to fly to Italy to experience the traditional taste of anchovies prepared by Recca family. The company ships its products to different parts of the world. Come to Italian Food Online Store to get original and authentic Agostino Recca anchovies and other products. We have all of them in high-quality and at cost-effective prices. All the products are imported from Sciacca, Italy and preserved in suitable conditions.

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