Your Guide to Understand Different Types of Italian Flour Online

Your Guide to Understand Different Types of Italian Flour Online

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For centuries and years, each home had a single canister filled with flour. However, today as you walk down the baking aisle of any marketplace, you can see a myriad of flour types. There are so many different varieties of flour available today, namely - Type 1 soft wheat flour, 00 flour, gluten-free flour, and whole-meal flour. You can easily buy these Italian flour online. 

Sometimes, one may be left wondering if there is a dire need for these various flour types. Of course, the answer to that is, yes, with the growing different dietary needs of people today, there is a steadily growing need for these different types of flour.

All flours can be classified into two categories: 

  1. Wheat Flour 

Wheat flour can be further classified into two types - soft wheat and hard wheat. Today all these different types of flours can be found in departmental stores. You may also choose to order flour online from authentically Italian stores for the satisfaction of getting the right kind of flour for your dietary requirements. 

Even before going through the different types of wheat, it is essential to understand wheat flour basics. Wheat grains are made into flour and are chosen based on their ability to form gluten and based on its protein quality. These two factors of each flour determine the elasticity and consistency of the flour. 

  • Soft Wheat Flour - The soft wheat flour variant contains very low gluten content. They are further processed to formulate plain flour and self-raising flour. Therefore, making soft wheat flour type perfect for making confectionery items in bakeries and at home such as - cakes and biscuits. Combining this flour with water gives it the right amount of elasticity required to make these items. If you are planning on baking some amazing cakes in the coming months, there are many types of flour for sale online that you may purchase right away. Stock up in advance on discounted rates for the coming holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Hard Wheat Flour - The hard wheat flour variant, on the other hand, has a high gluten content and is rich in protein. For food items such as bread require dough that has a stretchy, sticky consistency; hard wheat flour is ideal. These wheat flour types are also used to make pasta, as it gives the pasta its firm shape and silky sheen, making it look pretty on a plate or platter
  1. Non-wheat flour 

Non-wheat flour types are the flour that contains gluten-free mixes that are derived from other grains that are not wheat-made. A gluten-free flour could be made using various mixes such as bean flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, and even potato starch. These types of flour offer a variety of health benefits. Unlike wheat-flour, these flours are sold pre-packaged in order to ensure an increased shelf-life. However, gluten-free flours that are non-wheat flour are at high risk of turning rancid quickly. Therefore, they come in special packaging, and the shelf-life can be prolonged by refrigerating them.

The Best Flour For Your Quarantine Needs

  • Wheat Flour - Wheat flour is by far the most commonly used flour across the world. It contains many of the essential nutrients for human development, such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, folic acid, vitamin B, selenium, potassium, and magnesium. Health enthusiasts should consider switching over from unhealthy flours and use this as a standard for all household cooking. 
  • Cake or Pastry Flour - Instead of considering to use all-purpose flour that contains both blends of hard and soft wheat flour, choose to use cake or pastry flour that is perfect for making cakes and confectionary items. They contain soft wheat flour and have a high scratch content along with low gluten content. It is perfect for all things baking. 
  • Semolina Flour - Semolina flour, on the other hand, is also made of durum wheat flour and has a coarse texture that is perfect for concocting the right recipe for making pasta, gnocchi, and couscous. However, it does contain a high quantity of gluten and is extremely elastic. 
  • Italian 00 Flour - Italian 00 flour is by far the most popular type of flour in the present day. They are made using soft wheat flour. They don’t come cheap; however, they can be bought at bulk at a discounted rate while they are on sale online. They are ideal for making pizzas and pasta. They can be pricey and not so commonly found at stores. Feel free to order flour online as needed. The double ‘00’ indicates how finely the flour is ground and the removal of wheat bran and germ from it. 
  • Gluten-Free Flour - All non-wheat flour can be classified as gluten-free flour, and they are by far the healthiest kind of flour. They are especially popular today as there is a growing dietary condition called gluten intolerance and gluten allergy that makes it impossible for those suffering from this ailment to consume anything but pasta or pizza made using gluten-free flour. So, make sure to stock up on gluten-free Italian flour for pasta making. 

These are the various categories of different types of Italian pizza flour found online. Knowing the difference in make and its uses will now help you choose the right kind of flour for your quarantine needs. 

Happy Flour Shopping!

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