Here’s Why Italian Food Like Different Italian Pasta Types is Loved by the World

Here’s Why Italian Food Like Different Italian Pasta Types is Loved by the World

Alex Cage

Delizioso! Italian food is surely a global hit. Surely, pizza would be an example of that. On November 2017, Pizza Today even published “TOP 100 Pizza Companies” in the U.S. alone. One pizza favorite among many people is Pizza Margherita, garnished with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. It is said that this pizza was originally created in June 1889, to honor the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy.

And not long after that, this food is now easily part of our dinner tables and widely available across the globe. Italians make use of their local ingredients very well; creating dishes that are truly memorable that anyone would be inspired and attempt to make a version of it. Different Italian pasta types are some staple food in Italy that effortlessly became everyone’s favorite too because people from other parts of the globe can easily make their own versions of the dish. We have it spicy, creamy, sweet and tangy.

Why does Italian Food Seem to Have an Appeal to the People all over the Globe?

This global appeal of Italian food could be attributed to them being passionate human beings and that translating to the food they create. There is love and effort that they pour into the dishes they make. That positive energy is what the world wants to partake in. As narrated in the documentary “Chef’s Table”, Italian Chef Massimo Botura said, “When I say, in my blood there is balsamic vinegar and my muscles are made by Parmigiano, it is true.” Italian pasta dishes like bean pasta and even those Italian gluten free pasta rich with their special italian pasta sauce gives us a sense of romance and love. We have a cappuccino for breakfast and then we wine and dine until the wee hours of the night.


Well, food in general, can truly unite a community and bring people together regardless of the origin. And Italian food is a good symbol of happy dishes because Italians are also happy making them especially when you learn easy pasta recipes like their Italian pasta dishes rich in their Italian pasta sauce. They sing when they cook and they listen to the sound of their cheese. Now that is a great way to bring the world together. We are not saying other cuisines are unnoticed but we’re saying Italian food is definitely a trademark of good food. You don’t normally find an Italian town in other countries but surely you can find an Italian restaurant waiting for you around the corner in different regions of just one country alone.

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