Why Does Italian Pizza Crust Tastes Better Than Other Pizza Types?

Why Does Italian Pizza Crust Tastes Better Than Other Pizza Types?

Alessandro Clemente

Pizza is perhaps one of the most loved and popular food not only in Italy but also the people living around the globe. Who wouldn't love that specific kind of pizza? It is the type of food that has the greatest flavors and incredible taste that no other pizza type can beat. With the mix of cheese, sauce, toppings, and it's crust, it is pretty impossible to say no to a slice -- no matter where you're from. When it comes to the secrets of pizzas, especially Italian pizza, you can learn a lot by reading this.

Classic Italian pizza possesses some exclusive ingredients and qualities which makes it hard to say no -- especially its crust. Here's the secret to its irresistible crust.

The Power of Flour

The secret is in its basic component -- the Italian pizza flour. The wheat composition grown in Italy is different from those that were grown in the United States since the soil in both countries differs from each other. The regions of mountainous limestones make the soil richer in alkaline -- which is best for a soft variety of wheat. While the United States grow hard and red wheat (which is high in protein), Italy typically grows soft wheat varieties. However, not all flours from Italy are not rich in protein content.

In Italy, they grade their flour by how fine it is and how much wheat germ and bran has been removed to it. The grade 00 is finest ground and the most refined. The protein content of this type of flour is at different levels but most of the time, it's at 12.5 percent.

The refinement of the 00 type of soft wheat gets rid of the wheat bran's trace shard. Most of the time, the classic Italian pizza and other italian pizza styles' dough should not contain bran since it can rip the gluten strands and destroys the elasticity of the pizza crust. 

Since the 00 flour for different Italian pizza styles is incredibly fine, it doesn't need much water for the baker to knead it. Also, when the flour has a decent protein amount, it wouldn't take too much time to get a gluten structure which is needed and most common in Italian pizza recipes' crust.

A right amount of protein is needed so when the baker kneads it, the protein content binds with each other, making it easy to form an interconnected gluten web. A little amount of salt, yeast, and oil is required to do the magic to produce the flavor and aroma no pizza just can't beat.


People all over the world is hyped when it comes to Italian pizza -- especially the pizza Margherita recipe and other recipes. Since you already know the secret to the best-tasting Italian pizza crust, we bet you’re off to another pizza adventure. 

Whether you’re a professional baker or not, knowing this little secret might step up your pizza-making game. Also, you can buy pizza kits online if you want to bake your own.

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