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Why Buy Italian Food

Alessandro Clemente

What Is So Special About Italian Food?

First off - think "COMFORT". Have you ever noticed how comforting to the soul food that has been cooked with love and affection is? When a meal is prepared with the proper intention, mixed with love, joy and passion - you can definitely taste the difference.

You might be thinking to yourself "Why Buy Italian Food?" Here are some reasons to consider when making the decision on what type of food to buy:

  1. Italian Food Is Easy To Make:

There are a myriad of Italian recipes that one can endeavor to prepare. Think: simple pasta dishes, pizza, risotto, arancini, spaghetti with clams and garlic, spinach salad and many more. 

What's a plus is, you don't have to step outside your door to make some of these easy Italian dishes when you already have an Italian supermarket right at your fingertips.

2. Italian Cuisine is So Delicious: 

Is it the love and passion that is put into the food that makes it so exquisite; leaving you wanting more? 

Most Italians love to live life largely! There's that essence of "dolce vita" - sweet life ... so naturally it shows up in their food preparation from the picking of ingredients, to the love affair of these ingredients - coming together to make the most flavorful creation.

Even their coffee leaves you wanting more and looking forward to the next sit down. If you are a true coffee drinker, you know that drinking coffee can be a super sexy event! Hence: DELICIOUSNESS! 

Speaking of which, we have the most delicious Italian coffee!

3. Authentic Italian Food Can be Healthy:

You have definitely heard how extra virgin olive oil is amazing for your health. Not only does it have omega-3 fatty acids which are highly essential for maintaining a healthy and strong heart, but it also has anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Olive oil also (when taken in moderation) helps boost your health due to the vitamins E and K that it contains.

4. Italian Food is Natural:

Why would you want to eat food that is highly processed and that contains artificial ingredients?

Foods like that definitely increase inflammation in your body, thus leaving you more susceptible to chronic diseases and other ailments.

Italian food is usually made from scratch, using the most basic ingredients and fresh foods with minimal processing. 


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It is important when preparing Italian food, whether it be pizza, fresh pasta, pasta sauce or any other Italian recipe, that you use the best ingredients such as Italian flour, Italian tomatoes etc.