What is authentic Italian Food?

Why Buy Authentic Italian Food?

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What Makes Italian Food Authentic

When most people think of Italian food, they picture plates of pasta swimming in tomato sauce, or pizza covered with a thick layer of cheese and multiple toppings. While these foods are certainly delicious and comforting, they aren’t exactly the healthiest option if you’re watching your carbohydrate intake.

The truth, however, is that what most people think of in regards to Italian cuisine is actually quite different then authentic Italian dishes. In fact, authentic Italian food is actually quite healthy for you, with an emphasis on herbs and bold flavors and very little cheese and sauce involved, as to allow the true flavors to come through and shine.

Italy is famous for many different dishes depending upon the region. The Lombardy region, with its capital city of Milan, is actually more well known for dishes like risotto and osso bucco while Tuscany focuses more upon freshly baked bread paired with hearty salads and soups.

Additionally, regions around Rome love bruschetta and the well-loved pasta carbonara and Naples is famous for pizza, calzones and limoncello while Sicily claims the title of inventing the meatball, as well as marsala dishes.

Are you a fan of pasta, pizza, gnocchi and other kinds of Italian food? Do you love to cook and create your own dishes at home? If so, this is the place for you.

Any chef knows that the dishes they make are only as good as the ingredients they use. Therefore, if you want to create the best tasting, most authentic Italian recipes in the comfort of your own home, you want to be sure to utilize the highest quality Italian groceries.

Luckily, you can find all of those ingredients all in one place! Simply log onto our site from your home computer, and choose from our incredible selection of the components which are necessary for crafting authentic, high quality Italian dishes. 

While there are certainly many other online Italian online stores and food websites to choose from, what sets us apart is not only the freshness, quality and variety of our ingredients, but our exemplary customer service and professional attitudes!

We want to be sure that every customer is highly satisfied, and we stand behind every product we carry on our virtual shelves.

One of our best-selling ingredients is Caputo Semolina Flour. While it might seem as though flour choice wouldn’t make much of a difference in regards to creating things like pasta, pizza and breads, the truth is that the very texture and structure of these dishes is highly dependent upon the kind of flour that is used.

Caputo Semonlina Flour is finely ground and slightly stretchy, so it lends itself well to creating a perfect chewy yet airy pizza crust or loaf of bread, and its great for creating our own pasta too.

If you love traditional, authentic Italian food but have gluten allergy or intolerance, don’t be discouraged! You can still have the wonderful texture of Caputo flour by purchasing it in its gluten free form! 

For other gluten-free products, check out our gluten-free pasta collection.

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