Types & Uses of the Best Italian Tomatoes - Chef-Style Creamy Pomodoro Sauce Gnocchi Recipe

Types & Uses of the Best Italian Tomatoes - Chef-Style Creamy Pomodoro Sauce Gnocchi Recipe

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Earlier known as “tomati” to the Europeans, tomatoes weren’t really indigenous to Italy. They were originally discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors during their journey to South America. Its first traces in Italy were found during 1548 in Tuscany. During the 16th-17th century, its potential in cooking was realized by the people. In fact, it became the next best thing to add flavour to the dishes after Italian spices. Today, they have become an integral part of Italian cuisine for its myriad uses. Anyone can prepare the signature dishes of Bella Italia with the best Italian tomatoes at home. 

There is a popular misconception that the only contribution of famous Italian tomatoes in the cuisine is that they are used for preparing delicious sauces whereas the truth is that Italian cuisine owes its global reputation to tomatoes. Talking about the different types of Italian tomatoes automatically pops up these names- La San Marzano, Mariella, Valgri, Poma Rosa, popular brands known for their excellent tomato products. Buy Italian tomatoes offered by these world-famous brands to preserve the authenticity of your homemade Italian dishes. 

Famous Italian Tomatoes - Types and Uses in Different Dishes 

Before shopping for different kinds of Italian tomatoes, go through this useful guide:

1. San Marzano Tomatoes- Just like pizza, San Marzano tomatoes are Italian cuisine’s pride. The perfect pizza sauce cannot be made without these. Remember that they are only available in peeled whole form, cut in half or canned. You can order San Marzano tomatoes online to induce a bittersweet flavour to your delectable dishes. 

2. Roma Tomatoes- Whether you want toppings for Bruschetta or prepare a tomato pesto for spaghetti, Roma tomatoes are ideal. Known for their sweet and tangy flavour which guarantees an intense consistency for any preparation.

3. Pomodori Secchi- These types of Italian tomatoes are more on the savoury side in terms of flavour. Also known as Italian sun dried tomatoes, they are stored in olive oil and need to be drained before serving in soups, salads or pasta. 

4. Cherry Tomatoes- This particular variety thrives during summer because of the favourable temperature. We all know salads are nutritious. Italian cherry tomatoes are there to make it delicious. They are juicier on the inside alongside being a flawless combination of sweet and tangy. Other than that, they are also added to chicken skewers. Buy canned cherry tomatoes online to introduce the perfect balance of flavours in your dishes.

5. Piennolo- Having its origin in the Italian region of Naples, this type of Italian tomatoes is best described as a small grape tomato which has an important part to play in making pizza and pasta sauces. They’re sliced in half and stored in cans with their skins. Recognized for their richly sweet and bold flavour, your kitchen treats are sure to get an earthy essence from these. 

These are some of the best Italian tomatoes that have successfully revolutionized Italian cuisine with their distinct flavours and essence. You may buy different types of tomatoes online or get them from the local bazaar to whip up yummy Italian delicacies every now and then!

Creamy Pomodoro Sauce Gnocchi: Recipe 


  • Canned San Marzano tomatoes
  • Packaged potato Gnocchi
  • 1/2 diced yellow onion
  • 3 cloves of minced garlic
  • 3-4 cherry- sized cut-up mozzarella balls
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of heavy cream
  • 2 stems of rosemary
  • Black pepper (ground)
  • Kosher salt
  • Basil
  • Parsley 

Steps to Prepare 

  • Set them aside. In a high-sided saute pan, stir all the herbs – basil, parsley and rosemary with olive oil until they are crisp. 
  • In the same sauté pan, add the onion and garlic to cook them on low heat for 5 minutes. 
  • Crush the San Marzano canned tomatoes and pour the juice in the pan. 
  • Adding red pepper flakes, salt and pepper to the pan, let it simmer for half an hour. In between, stir in the heavy cream and stir it for a while. 
  •  In the meanwhile, boil the Gnocchi in a different pan with Kosher salt at high heat.
  • Once the Gnocchi is done, drain it to the sauté pan and mix it well. 
  • Add the mozzarella balls on top and broil until the cheese melts completely. 
  • Garnish with basil leaves and serve it hot!

    Where to Buy Italian Tomatoes Online?

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