Types of Olive Oil & Their Uses - Buy Olive Oil Online to Cook Authentic Italian Food at Home

Types of Olive Oil & Their Uses - Buy Olive Oil Online to Cook Authentic Italian Food at Home

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The first traces of olive oil can be recorded as early as 3500BC, during the Classic Era. At that time, olives were considered to be a symbol of peace and wealth and cultivated in abundance by the people of the Mediterranean civilization. In fact, olives were very much a part of the regular diet due to its high nutrition value. Also referred to as “Liquid gold”, it was used in both cooked and uncooked dishes. As time flew, people slowly started discovering the multiple benefits of olive oil. Today, it is one of the most popularly used ingredients while cooking. You can buy olive oil online from famous brands at great prices. 

Shop for different types of olive oil online such as Italian extra virgin olive oil, truffle olive oil, organic olive oil that are offered by popular brands. To name a few, we have De cecco, Pietro Coricelli, Asaro, Tutto Calabria, Carapelli and many more. Each of them is known to present some of the most refined products that will help you enhance the flavour of your dish.

Role of Olive Oil in the Italian Cuisine 

Italian cuisine has olive oil to its very core. Initially, the Romans were quite fond of it. It has been a staple at every Italian household since the 1500s. The fresh fruity flavour of Italian extra virgin olive oil makes every dish more savoury. It can be drizzled over salads, grilled veggies and also made into a dip for having bread. They also use it as a condiment for marinating, broiling, frying, braising and even baking. 

You must also remember that the taste of olive oil solely depends on where the fruit has been harvested and the climatic conditions of the place. For example, the olive oil from Italy’s Tuscany that has a dry climate, tastes quite hot and peppery. That is why they are perfect to be used in steaks and fishes. Since there are so many types, it is important to choose the correct one for a particular food item in order to bring out the best of it. One can buy olive oil online or shop from the local bazaar to make yummy Italian dishes like pasta, pizza, Focaccia, savoury dips and so on. 

Types of Olive Oil & Their Uses 

As mentioned previously, there are different types of olive oil that impact the taste of a delicacy in unique ways. Here are some of the commonly used ones:

  • White truffle-infused olive oil- Having a rich nutritional value, the white truffle olive oil is nothing but a perfect combination of extra virgin olive oil and white truffle. Use it to sprinkle over roasted salads, homemade fries and mashed potatoes.

  • Black truffle-infused olive oil- It has a slightly stronger flavour than the white truffle olive oil and is used to introduce a fair amount of earthy goodness in the dish. Not only that, but it also has a pleasant rich aroma. This type of olive oil can be used alone or in combination with Italian extra virgin olive oil to add a complex buttery flavour to your gourmet dishes. Otherwise known as “black diamond”, black truffle oil is an all-time favourite of chefs.

  • Refined olive oil- Being an excellent choice for cooking, refined olive oil is odourless as well as colourless. Mostly used for deep frying veg and non-veg items, it is often blended with other oils to bring out the flavours.

  • Extra virgin olive oil- It is the most popularly used olive oil that has the lowest acidity levels and is packed with countless health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil is used as a salad dressing, a condiment in frying, sautéing and a key ingredient in marinating. The distinct aroma and flavour make it indispensable for all the lovely dishes of Bella Italia.

You can buy all kinds of olive oil online and add a refreshing essence to the delicacies every time. Cooking with olive oil has a lot of positive outcomes for your health as well. Check out the 11 benefits of olive oil and take a step towards healthy eating from now. 

Where to Buy the Best Olive Oil?

If you are searching for the best extra virgin olive oil, Italian Food Online Store has it all. We provide authentic branded products imported from the supermarkets of Italy so that our customers can create delectable items at home easily. Mention may be made of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Pregiato 100% Olive Italiane” by De cecco, Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy by Carapelli, White Truffle Oil, Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Pietro Coricelli and Calabrian Chili Oil Hot Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olio Santo) by Tutto Calabria that are available at the best market prices. Buy olive oil online from our store and get free shipping services all across the US. Happy shopping!

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